[kata-dev] 1.0.0 is approaching! Help get the word out

Anne Bertucio anne at openstack.org
Tue May 15 14:29:48 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

The 1.0.0 release is approaching! Thank you to everyone who has spent time working on this first release and helping shape our community; it’s been great work to be a part of and I’m excited to see this community progress.

The 1.0.0 release is currently planned for May 22nd, and I want to invite you to participate in getting the word out that 1.0.0 is ready and that we’re eager to welcome more contributors to this project.

Some things you can share:
A press release will be on katacontainers.io/news[1] May 22
A blog will be on katacontainers.io as well as Superuser Magazine[2]
Social sharing: Announcements on Twitter[3], Facebook[4] and WeChat

If you’re at the Vancouver Summit May 21-24[5]:
Monday 5/21 
Keynote spotlight on the main stage with Amy Leeland & Xu Wang
Contributor workday (1.0 post-mortem, future release planning, etc)
Tuesday 5/22
Containers keynote demo with Eric Ernst & Anne Bertucio 
Project Update session from the Architecture Committee 
Multiple Kata Containers sessions throughout the day
Afternoon toast (4:10pm) to the 1.0.0 release
Thursday 5/24
Continuation of contributor workday
New contributor onboarding session
All week: Demos and Q&A in the OSF lounge and the Intel booth, and opportunities to grab Kata swag!

Want to get more involved?
Once 1.0.0 is out, we’re looking for people who love demos to lead webinars on 1.0.0 and create blog posts showcasing Kata. Drop me a note[6] or swing by #working-committee on Slack[7] to get involved!

Thank you again to everyone who has been hard at work on 1.0.0, and hope to see many of you in Vancouver!


P.S. Headed to DockerCon? We’ll be hosting a community happy hour there; save the date![8]

[1] https://katacontainers.io/news/ <https://katacontainers.io/news/>
[2] http://superuser.openstack.org/ <http://superuser.openstack.org/>
[3] https://twitter.com/katacontainers <https://twitter.com/katacontainers>
[4] https://www.facebook.com/KataContainers/ <https://www.facebook.com/KataContainers/>
[5] https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2018 <https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2018>
[6] anne at openstack.org
[7] bit.ly/KataSlack
[8] https://katacontainers_dockercon2018.eventbrite.com <https://katacontainers_dockercon2018.eventbrite.com/>

Anne Bertucio
OpenStack Foundation
anne at openstack.org | irc: annabelleB

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