[kata-dev] Kata packaging follow up

Marco Vedovati mvedovati at suse.com
Tue Dec 18 18:18:10 UTC 2018


recently I've been working on updating kata packages with the goal to
have them integrated into the official openSUSE repositories and to
provide builds for more architectures.

This is a report of the current status. I'd like to have some feedback
from the community, and to know if you'd consider transitioning to this
new packaging structure.



We created a new development project on OBS, named
devel:kubic:katacontainers, that is supposed to host the most up-to-date
packages version, and will be used as source to submit packages update
to the official openSUSE repositories.
Me, Jose Carlos, Eric, and Peng Tao are maintainers for this project.
Here's the link:

Project content

- katacontainers: this contains all the host-side components, i.e. the
runtime, shim, proxy, ksm-throttler.

I decided to have a single package grouping all the go host-side
components, as all of them are needed to run kata containers on the
host, and as of now there are no use cases where a user may want to
cherry pick just some of them.

- katacontainers-kernel: kernel for the VM. This is the same package as
in home:katacontainers.

- qemu-lite: this is the same package as in home:katacontainers.

- kata-agent, kata-osbuilder, containment-rpm-kata: these are not meant
to be installed on the host. They are consumed by OBS and kiwi in order
to generate kata compatible VM images on OBS.

There's also a subproject named devel:kubic:katacontainers:images,
that's used to build kata VM images based on various distribution
flavours. As of now it contains:

- katacontainers-image-leap, katacontainers-image-tumbleweed: these are
rootfs images, built using kiwi and based on the openSUSE Leap and
Tumbleweed distributions.  kiwi is able to build packages for other
distributions, both RPM and DEB based, so expect more to be added.

Supported Architectures

The current status is that packages work fine on x86_64 and aarch64. I
could not manage yet to find a suitable PPC machine to run tests. I also
enabled builds for s390x, and most of the packages can build
successfully on it.

Open points

- qemu-vanilla: I think that it should not be bundled with
katacontainers. Each distribution should rely on its own QEMU version.

- Clearlinux VM image: we could consider adding a pre-built x86_64 image.

- Debian / Ubuntu packages: I did not work on updated dsc/control files,
so it's something TODO. Contributors are welcome :)

- Nightlies, stable versions: TODO.

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