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yash jain ydjainopensource at gmail.com
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Sorry I totally missed my name on the list. I won't be working full time on
Kata but I would try to keep up the velocity for the next 2 weeks.

I don't have committer access so I won't be able to /lgtm or /test the PR's
but I will try helping as much as possible.

BTW, has anyone used probot before? It seems like it should be able to do a
lot of herding for us.

On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 4:31 PM Whaley, Graham <graham.whaley at intel.com>

> Good morning.
> This week herders are:
>  - Yash
>  - Rico
> https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota#the-rota
> Yash, I know you are not too involved in the project at present - can you
> confirm if you will be able to dedicate us some time or not?
> Everybody else, things looked like they got busy at the end of last week -
> thanks for your dedication, and I suspect we will all need to help try to
> keep on top of things this week.
> ** HEADS UP **
> And then, as you are all no doubt aware, Christmas is rapidly approaching,
> which means for many of us a major vacation period.
> I will predict that there will be few people online next Monday (24th),
> and unlikely to be back online until Wednesday January 2nd 2019 !
> I also therefore don't think we will have any official herders next week
> (even if Carlos' name is in the table... ;-) ).
> Let's see how much stuff we can squash this week....
>  For those heading for a vacation then, may you have an excellent time!
>         Graham
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