[kata-dev] Update on Kata release timeline

Anne Bertucio anne at openstack.org
Mon Apr 23 17:23:08 UTC 2018

Hi all, 

Capturing the conversation from this morning’s Architecture Committee meeting in which there was an agreement to move the 1.0.0 release to May 22. With the OpenStack Summit happening that week, it’s a better opportunity to get the release out into the world with onsite demos, press time, community time etc., than the original June 1 date. 

There was consensus on the call that this potentially shifts what constitutes 1.0.0. The goal is to get all the originally outlined features in 1.0.0, particularly the features for Frakti support, but there was agreement to move features to 1.1.0+ if needed to meet the May 22 timeline. 

Release gating features can be seen here: https://github.com/search?q=org%3Akata-containers+is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Arelease-gating <https://github.com/search?q=org%3Akata-containers+is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Arelease-gating>
If you’re able to review, please jump in! That’s where most help is needed.

I started an etherpad with a proposed agenda for Vancouver with some of the topics that have been brought up. Feel free to add in other topics: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KataVancouverAgenda <https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/KataVancouverAgenda> 

Anne Bertucio
OpenStack Foundation
anne at openstack.org | irc: annabelleB

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